There are 365 questions for every single day, which give structure to your life and guide you towards some specific actions. It’s structured as a diary (journal) for accomplishing your dreams, in which you give account to yourself about your progress. Your improvement depends on how often you will use this application. Good luck!


Search your history

See what you have written before and learn from your past thoughts

Improve yourself along the way

By honestly answering to life important questions try to improve yourself every single day

Gamificated experience

1 Success for 365 today is like a little and simple game that can eventually make your life better

Track your progress

Gamificated map allows you to see where you are and how long you have to go.

Answer on 365 questions

Answer on all of them and find the truth about yourself along the way.

Achieve milestones

Reach certain questions that unlock achievements as you stroll along the 365 way.

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September 6, 2017




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